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Phone: +371 23111200


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About Us

The main target behind Rixoil operations is to provide quality services for major global industries in order to reach their requirements for oil and chemical products.

The RIXOIL Story

We are an independent, privately owned company, structured in such a way that rapid changes of the market environment does not affect our operations. This is due to logical chain of command, which is able not only to react to events in the fastest possible way, but also to perform the most effective realization of decisions accordingly. These factors lift us above a number of competitors in the market and opens possibilities for more successful business relations.

Rixoil operates with a strong network of logistics and has wide marketing and outsourcing resources, which gives a unique combination of strategies and provide extremely positive results in growth of business. With all accessible resources and abilities, we have all opportunities to reach a leading position in the global market.

The highly experienced team and its outstanding relations with recognized financial institutions gave us opportunity to build and develop the reputation of innovative and reliable partner in trade.

What we do

With our Headquarters being located in a strategic European transportation link, Rixoil has an easy access for various types of delivery networks and good relations with worldwide producers and major product suppliers.

Rixoil operates with a diversified product portfolio:

  • Petroleum bitumen
  • Paraffins
  • Alkylbenzenes
  • Technical sulfurs
  • Liquefied gases
  • Commodity xylenes
  • Oils
  • Solvents
  • Aromatic hydrocarbons

We work in the manner of strict control of every business stage, overviewing delivery terms, loading processes etc. It is crucial to be up to date with all the latest regulatory systems and we stay informed successfully in every operation region.




Liquid petroleum paraffin, fraction C10-С13

Liquid petroleum paraffin, fraction C13

Liquid petroleum paraffin, fraction C14-С17

Liquid petroleum paraffin, fraction C9-С21

Petroleum bitumen

Bitumen petroleum viscous for road building

Petroleum bitumen for construction

Commodity xylenes

Para xylene petroleum (PX)

Ortho xylene petroleum (OX)

Alkyl benzenes

Linear alkyl benzene (LAB)

Alkyl benzene sulfonic (ABS)

Poly alkyl benzene (PAB)

Liquefied gases

Gases hydrocarbon liquefied fuel for household use (SPBT)

Normal Butane



Petroleum Benzene

Heavy fuel oil low-ash

Fuel technological TC-1 (JET A-1)

Vacuum Gas Oil (VGO)

Technical sulfur

Technical sulfur gas granulated

Nefras 50/170

Fuel oil & Petrochemicals